Are you ready to start living as the feminine CEO you were born to be?

Women of Influence

Signature Coaching Program

The ultimate 6-month container where
powerful women

come to take back control of their lives
and step into their greatest potential

I know what it means to want more from life.
I know what it takes to achieve it.

Many career women, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms suffer from the idea that having it ALL;  success, style, unstoppable confidence, and earning what they want is difficult and impossible. That reaching financial freedom is unattainable. That having style isn’t available for them, because who has time for that with everything else going on?!

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

If life and business are so hard why do some of the smartest women have it all; success, money, style, and unstoppable confidence?! Life seems so easy for them. 

It isn’t luck.

It’s a skill set they have learned, mastered, and paid hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars to learn from the best of the best.

I am one of those women who has risked it all. Invested time, money, and energy to travel the world to learn from the best and become the best.
And while I have invested $150,000+ into perfecting my skillset
- you will get to work with me for a fraction of that.

I’ve learned what I’ve learned the hard way. And I know you have what it takes to succeed without making the same mistakes I did...

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a career woman, or a stay-at-home mom - it doesn’t matter. If you want to earn more money, become more valuable, have unstoppable confidence, and look damn STYLISH. Then I have exactly what you are looking for.

While I have invested $150,000+ to perfect my skill set - you will get to work with me for a fraction of that. While I have traveled the world - Italy, London, Germany, Greece, Dubai, New York - to study style and fashion you will get everything packed in my signature 8-week program, Style Makers Academy.

I’m so passionate about offering my Women of Influence Signature Program and Style Makers Academy for the first time ever (and for a limited period) because I’ve lived it. I breathe it. I live for it.

Having a lifestyle that you love, success, money and unstoppable confidence comes down to being in the known...

I’m so happy to introduce you to both the Women of Influence and Style Makers Academy program

Inside Women of Influence you will learn how to...

Master your mindset
How to achieve your goals, no matter how big they are
How to close the knowing doing gap
How to overcome your fears
How to improve your self-image
How to become a great leader
How to increase your income

… and so much more

Inside the Style Makers Academy you will learn how to...

Have stylish that gets you noticed
Brand yourself
How to make first impressions
How to market yourself
How to make a statement with your style
Know how to mix and match like a pro
How to shop with a plan
How to have unstoppable confidence
And make an unforgettable impression whenever you show up

And the best part?

After going through this program, you will no longer be stuck where
you are right now.

And you won’t be stuck years down the road either.

You will learn the skills necessary that can be applied throughout the
rest of your life.

My love, put down your cup of coffee and fantasize about this with me for a moment...

Waking up every morning feeling fulfilled, empowered and confident to take on the day.

Doing heart-led, purpose-driven work all while showing up as your most confident and stylish self.

Achieving financial freedom while also making a greater impact than you ever thought possible.

Creating a freedom lifestyle on your own terms where you can travel, stay at home with the kids and design your dream days.

Showing up as your best self every single day and feeling more confident in your abilities than ever before.

This is only part of the life changing transformation that is waiting for you inside both Women of Influence and SMA program.

You will only ever go as far as the image you hold of yourself.

Hey love, I'm Juljana.

I am a business and mindset coach (and a mama) based in Manhattan, NY with nothing more than a burning desire to create and live my dream life, my way...and to help you do the same.

I started my entrepreneurial journey back in 2003 and it is something that changed the entire trajectory of my life as I knew it - despite people's doubt about my ability to succeed as a young female business owner in a masculine dominated culture.

I was actually born and raised in Albania, went to University in Italy, started my family in Germany, and moved to NYC last year with my husband and two kids (which also has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember). I have started and scaled many businesses in the fashion industry and I’m here to teach you everything I’ve learned about being a woman and achieving everything you truly desire.

As a certified coach from Robbins – Madannes Training and a Proctor-Gallagher certified consultant - I help people to take control of their lives, happiness, and gain the confidence needed to achieve extraordinary results in life and business. My clients and I work through taking risks, daring greatly, and living life with your pleasure and joy as your first priority.

My one and only mission here is to help other women realise that they have the power to create the lifestyle they truly want to lead.

Does any of this sound familiar…?

  • You feel like you’re working way too hard and still not seeing results that you want

  • You don’t even know where to start when it comes to developing your  personal brand and style

  • You are struggling to build a strong personal brand that resonates with your ideal client

  • You are actively avoiding doing anything at all that involves putting yourself out there and showing up for the growth of your business

  • You constantly find yourself wondering how you’ve managed to make it this far in your business, and are sure that this is as far as you can possibly go

  • You feel a tang of jealousy because everyone else seems to have found the confidence and self-esteem needed to go all in on their business and lives that you are so desperately searching for

Then I am so glad you’re here.

My love, there is only one thing holding you back from that next level.

I can’t wait to show you.

You are the CEO of your life. It’s time to start acting like it.

What you will receive when you join us…

This exceptionally designed program is presented in twelve relevant, simple and practical lessons to ensure that the success mindset becomes a part of each person’s thinking and actions. This is the foundation to your real, long-lasting transformation.

Fresh content, training, worksheets, audios and practices that cover everything to do with crafting a unique roadmap to your goals, working on your mindset, and overcoming any limiting beliefs that have been keeping you where you are. These modules are self-paced and you have lifetime access.

A 1:1 session with me every single month of the program where we will work through your unique limiting beliefs and get you closer to living a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Our weekly sessions will be the place where you can come to get your questions answered, receive 1:1 hot seat coaching by yours truly, and put all the tools and strategies you need into practice in order to make a greater impact.

You will always have access to me in between sessions for any extra guidance, support and accountability that you need to make sure you are able to maximise your results throughout the program.

A community of like-minded, powerful women who are on the exact same journey as you. This is your safe space to immerse yourself into the energy of other women who are leveling up in every aspect of their life. There is nothing else like it.

Your investment

This is unlike any other coaching program out there for the female entrepreneur who wants more – and who knows that she can have it. This will not only help you reach new heights in your business and your life but it will transform the way you show up in the world as you begin to expand into the greatest version of who you truly are. These are the proven tools, strategies and mindset shifts that will continue to serve you and your business for the rest of your life.

3-Month Payment Plan: $3,590

6-Month Payment Plan: $1,890

If you’re this far down, maybe you still have questions...

Will this work for me?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you are a high-achieving career woman, a creative entrepreneur or a stay at home mom - the materials inside Women of Influence and the Style Makers Academy are designed to help you gain the confidence you need to achieve success in every area of your life. This is for anyone who wants more from their life and knows that they can have it.

What if I don’t have a clear goal for my life and career/business yet?

That’s okay! Inside Women of Influence, we start by defining and setting quantum-leap goals. Rather than just teaching you basic ‘to-do-list’ goal setting - we show you how to see beyond your current belief system and what’s possible for you.

Why is this program such a large investment?

It’s true, it’s not cheap. But I’ve spent 17+ years and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning what I will share with you over the period of 6 months of working together. .

What if I don’t have time for the program?

Women of Influence and Style Makers Academy are both self-guided, meaning you can watch the pre-recorded video lessons and work through worksheets on your own time. You get lifetime access to the course content, which means there’s really no such thing as falling behind. Plus, we record all of our live calls in case you can’t make it live!

have questions?

Not sure if the program is right for you?

Book a call with my team today to get all of your questions answered.